Terms and Conditions


“myswissfashion.com” is a website owned by the right below listed company (hereinafter referred to as "MYSWISSFASHION"):


MYSWISSFASHION offers products for sale to customers through the website MySwissFashion.com. All the products on the website are subject to these Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”).


For all purchases of MYSWISSFASHION products on the website www.felixMySwissFashion.com these Terms and Conditions are the only terms and conditions valid for the conclusion of a sales contract between the parties. Exceptions from this must be confirmed by MYSWISSFASHION with a written statement.

When a client makes a purchase on the MySwissFashion.com website he confirms the following:

  • He is over 18 years of age
  • He consists of the legal capacity or is authorized by a parent or guardian to make a purchase
  • He purchases the goods solely for he’s own purpose and not with the intent for resale

Every product on the MySwissFashion.com website is connected to these Terms and Conditions. Therefore when a purchase order is submitted through the website, the client accepts these Terms and Conditions.

The Terms and Conditions, the pricing, the policies and products can be changed by MYSWISSFASHION over time without notification in any way. The Terms and Conditions and the prices, policies and product information valid for the purchase of an order on MySwissFashion.com are the ones that are published on the website at the time a customer places an order.

Customers who place orders on MySwissFashion.com can either be natural persons or juristic persons. The Terms of Conditions apply to both types of persons.





In the product details page visitors can find information about the essential features of the Products that are visible on felixMySwissFashion.com.

MYSWISSFASHION offers products with different colors. Colors on product images that show products offered for sale at MySwissFashion.com can slightly vary from the original color of a certain product. Especially when it comes to jewelry like items just like the MYSWISSFASHION golden ornaments, clients must be aware that colors of these items change by appearance depending on the light (direct sunlight, indirect sunlight, electric lights etc.). Furthermore computer or display settings of a customer’s device can affect the colors on the product images.

Customers of MYSWISSFASHION should be aware that the Jewelry items can consist of the following materials: Gold, Brass, Nickel, Zinc.


Products offered for sale on MySwissFashion.com can be ordered by customers as long as they are available. Due to possible misinformation transfers between warehouse and website MYSWISSFASHION doesn’t guarantee availability of products that are for sale on MySwissFashion.com although customers might be able to place orders for them on the website.

If a product becomes unavailable after a customer places an order, he will be informed with an email as soon as possible. The email will be sent to the email address that was registered when placing the order. In this case no contract will be concluded between MYSWISSFASHION and the customer placing the order. Any money that has already been transferred for the intent of purchasing the goods will be reimbursed.


All prices that are visible on MySwissFashion.com are gross prices including the applicable VAT and packaging cost. The Shipping costs are listed separately at section “SHIPPING” in these Terms and Conditions.

Customers are not allowed to purchase items from MySwissFashion.com with the intent for resale and mustn’t resell the goods purchased from this site.




Visualizations of the goods in advertising media, social media and on the Site are not binding and therefore don’t constitute an offer to conclude a sales contract.

Before the payment page customers will see a summary of their selected products together with any additional shipping costs. After that, the customer reaches the payment page where he can finalize the order by clicking the pay or purchase button. Only at the time the customer clicks on that button he makes a binding offer for the purchase of the selected items. After the order has been placed the customer receives an email summary that accounts as an acknowledging receipt but does not constitute a binding acceptance of the customers offer.

MYSWISSFASHION reserves the right to refuse a customer’s offer for purchase without giving any reasons. MYSWISSFASHION will declare the refusal or the binding acceptance of the offer within three days after the order has been received. When the order confirmation is received the contract on the corresponding items is concluded.



The following payment methods/processors are accepted on the MySwissFashion.com website:

  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Apple Pay

If there is no other agreement, the price of the purchase is due after conclusion of contract.




When placing an order on MySwissFashion.com shipping costs will be displayed throughout the ordering process. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs for the delivery that is connected to a certain purchase on the website. If a customer can benefit from free shipping service than this will be explicitly stated throughout the ordering process.

The items will be shipped to the address that was entered wen concluding the order. If the customer changes the delivery address after the order has been placed, then he will need to carry all additional costs that will accrue due to the change of address.


Products bought on MySwissFashion.com can be bought from many different countries and shipped to those countries accordingly. The current possible places of delivery can be seen during the ordering process. If a certain country or place of delivery is not listed, then a shipment to that place is currently not possible.

All packages will be shipped via a UPS, DHL or TNT-Express, depending on country, time of purchase and location. MYSWISSFASHION does not guarantee any delivery times for it’s shipments. General shipping information can be seen in on the page “Shipping” that is accessible via the footer menu of the felixMySwissFashion.com website.


Delivery Period varies from country to country and depending on the products. After receiving an order, it will take approximately 1-2 business days for MYSWISSFASHION to process the order. Products that consist of a real gold plating items will usually need more time to ship because of the additional paper and customs work that is needed for import.

After the orders has been processed it will take up to 3 to 7 business days in average to deliver the goods. However, days of delivery can be mor than 7 business days depending on country and products purchased. MYSWISSFASHION does not guarantee any delivery dates for any item purchased on MySwissFashion.com. However, if a goods fail to be delivered within 14 business days, starting from the date of order, then a customer has the right to withdrawal from the contract. The 14 business days do not include any national holidays. The right to withdrawal if goods were not delivered within 14 business days cannot be claimed if the goods couldn’t be delivered because the customer missed the delivery attempt of the logistic agent.



Customers that order from a residence in the EU have the right to withdrawal within 14 days without indicating any reason.

To claim this right a written statement by the customer is necessary. It can be sent by letter or email and it needs to be addressed to the recipient listed in section 1.

The consequences of the exercise of the right of withdrawal are the following:

  • any goods received must be sent back to the seller within 14 days
  • the money for the purchase including shipping costs will be reimbursed. Money for additional shipping costs (express delivery) will not be reimbursed
  • The costs for returning the items will be covered by the customer



Outside of the right to withdrawal for consumers resident in the EU, items purchased on MySwissFashion.com can be returned. For returning the items the following conditions must be met:

  • Products are in their original condition and don’t have any signs of usage
  • All tags and labels are still available and placed at the same position as they were when first receiving the goods
  • Items have not been washed or treated in any other way
  • The deadline for returning the items is 14 days starting from the day of receipt of the goods.

If the above conditions are met a return can be issued by following the instructions below:

  1. Contact customer service of MySwissFashion.com by mail phone (mail address and phone number listed in section 1.) and schedule a pickup for the returning items
  2. Prepare all returning items in their original packaging for return
  3. Hand over the package(es) to the logistic agent
  4. Wait for the delivery to be delivered at the warehouse of MYSWISSFASHION or its partners. Inspections of goods will take place right after receipt of products
  5. If there are no complaints after the inspection the purchase amount including shipping fees will be reimbursed.

The customer should be aware that should he fail to return items with a return pick up scheduled by MYSWISSFASHION then he will need to cover all shipping costs for returning the items by himself.



These Terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Switzerland. Also applicable are the mandatory consumer protection provisions that apply in the customers state of residence.